Mini Netball

So something potentially exciting happened recently.  In a previous blog, I alluded to having been asked about organising some Mini Netball sessions.  This isn’t something that I had given much thought to but recently I decided to do a bit of research into it to see if any such sessions were already being run and what they were all about and my research turned up Elite Netball Services in Leeds who run Mini sessions designed by a Superleague coach and delivered by a team of approved, qualified and trusted coaches.  The sessions, which are pre-booked in blocks, are for three age groups:

  • 3 & 4 year olds
  • 5 & 6 year olds
  • 7, 8 & 9 year olds

It got me thinking that there must be alot of mums who play netball who would love to see their daughters getting into the sport and starting them at such a young age could only help with the childs’ development skills and something which mum could be involved in too. 

The Elite Netball website showed that they ran Coaching Workshops which I thought would be insightful to attend as I would like to understand exactly what the content of a session aimed at such young attendees would include.  “First Step Netball”, a now defunct concept previously aimed at entry level netball, certainly contained ideas that could be adapted for the 5 year olds upwards but I am seriously at a loss as to where you start with a 3 year old???? 

So suitably intrigued, I emailed Elite Netball and got a response from a lovely lady who told me all about the success and positive feedback they have had from the fun activities and learning environment they create at their mini netball sessions.   Due to its popularity, they have reached capacity in Leeds but are really keen to continue growing the concept and this includes areas outside of Yorkshire.  Clearly she is very passionate about it and she is keen to meet with me to talk about the development of Mini Netball, potential taster sessions and the sharing of a learning journal for young players.  So I am not quite sure what might happen next.  I am very mindful of working full time so not allowing myself to commit to anything, but my interest has been piqued enough that I don’t think there is any harm in continuing my communication with Elite Netball Services and try and find out as much as I can about it, whether it is something I could get involved in and see where it might lead – watch this space!!!!!