The summer break is almost over and we are starting to look towards next season

How is it the middle of July?


You’ll no doubt have been inundated with emails and posts and messages from England Netball about the changes to how they are handling membership (formerly affiliation/registration).  If you haven’t done it already, get connected to ENgage (MyNet no longer exists), make sure your Club is registered properly, and then you can link to NWL.  Individuals pay for their membership through ENgage.  All the details are on the England Netball website
Netball Connected


Whilst the changes to membership are in place we still want to ensure we don’t miss anyone out, so Club Secretaries have been sent the Registration forms for the new season.  In case you have missed them, you can find a zip file here with all the forms you need.  Registration fees are the same as last year – £14 per team.  Please let your netball contacts know so we can make this season bigger and better than ever before.

Please make a note of the deadlines – there will be no concessions this season for late entries.

Club Entry Form – by 3rd August 2019
Team Registration (Signatures, photos, registration, youth) – by 31st August 2019

Current teams must register in their current names, otherwise they will be considered as new teams and will automatically be placed in the bottom division, as with all new teams.

Signatures and Photos will be held on the leagues G-Drive and not at the venues.  Each team will be expected to bring their photos each week for on-the-spot checks, so we suggest you keep them in your team’s kit bag.

As mentioned at the AGM, we cannot confirm promotions and relegations/demotions between the Divisions until after all Club Entry Forms are in. Also depending on the number of teams that enter we hope to split into three divisions, or four if we really get over run with entries.  The split is to do with the number of matches we need to fit in, so it really is all dependant on how many teams enter..  How we do the split will be discussed by the Committee after 3rd August.

We will again be using 2 venues, Newbridge High School and Ashby School and we are hoping to stick with 4 matches at each venue..  Full details will be provided with fixtures.  The first matches will be played on Sunday 8 September 2019.


There will also be changes to the Cup & Plate Tournament, with group stages, followed by 8 team Cup Quarter Finals and 8team Plate Quarter Finals.  This will remove the need for ‘byes’ and give teams more match play (min 3 matches as opposed to min 1 match in previous seasons).  The draw for the group stages will be done by the Committee after 3rd August.


Due to some stuff going on in my personal life, I have not had time to upload photos from the NWL Ball or Tournament, but I promise to get them online as soon as I can.