Match Reports – Week 2 – 15 Sept 2019

Sun was shining, courts were ready, players were excited – this season has got off to a great start!

Whitwick Flames v Whitwick Ignite

Great first game with our other team from Whitwick, lots of new players for Ignite who are really looking forward to the rest of the season!
Whitwick Flames had a hard 1st game of the season with only 6 players they held strong against Whitwick ignite with a close match until the last quarter and didn’t give up. Whitwick teams will be ones to watch this coming season!

Swadlincote Swifts v Coalville Rockets

With Coalville Rockets newly promoted it was unknown territory for Swadlincote Swifts, and both teams have the energy and motivation for the first game of the season. It was a well fought game with strong defensive action at both ends of the court. Swifts pulled ahead by 6 goals in the first quarter but Rockets applied the pressure throughout the game closing the gap several times over the 2nd and 3rd quarter. However it was the 4th quarter where swifts capitalised on their lead, through some great defensive work by Emma Deloughery and Helen Rollo, with Emily Brockwell converting at the other end. In general the game displayed great team work by both teams as well as patience bringing the ball down the court. Well done to both GOGs Verity Baker for Rockets and Emily Brockwell for Swifts.

Blaby Netball v Coalville Jets

Blaby Netball won their 1st NWL division 1 game against Coalville Jets today. Blaby Netball were trailing 8-15 and 23-26 after the first two quarters. However, the team finally gelled together in the third quarter, spurred on by a solid defensive display. Blaby Netball were just behind with 34-35 going into the fourth quarter – and managed to lead and just keep ahead of the Coalville jets. The final score was Blaby Netball 47-44 Coalville Jets. Not surprisingly, Milly Bartholomew was voted player of the match for her great attacking demonstration.

Gracedieu Pearls v Bosworth Roses

Quarter one roses pulled ahead, with the pearls catching back up in quarter 2. Unfortunately Roses defence proved too strong for the pearls, with the final score being 23 v 34.

Second game back, first win for us. Roses started strong in the 1st quarter although Pearls came into the 2nd quarter determined and I think pearls won that quarter. Roses responded in the 3rd giving little opportunity for them to score and came away with the win in the end.

Umpiring was first class today and kept our game flowing.

Hornettes Gold v Melbourne

New to the league this year, Hornettes Gold put out another good performance against Melbourne. Player connections were working well. 4 positional switches were made in Q4 but this didn’t affect performance & the team finished strong.

New team Melbourne had their very first match together against a strong Hornettes Gold.  After last week’s Gold v Sence Valley result, Melbourne knew it would be a tough game.  A slow start for Melbourne saw Gold pulling away in Q1, but Melbourne didn’t make it easy for them.  Q2 saw only a 2 goal difference, with several Centre pass turnovers seeing Melbourne getting into their stride.  A really enjoyable match against the lovely Gold players.  MVPs were Jess Rainbow for Hornettes Gold and Suzie Jacobs for Melbourne.

Donington Diamonds v Overseal

Today Donnington Diamonds faced Overseal in what promised to be a tough match based upon last seasons games. The first two quarters were close with many interceptions and a tight scoreline. Unfortunately, as we drew into the last two quarters we couldn’t hold the scoreline as close, but we continued to play hard until the final whistle. Well done to Jo Peel for star player and consistent shooting throughout. Finally well done to both teams, it was a tense game but friendly game!

Ashby Tornados v Bosworth Thorns

The 11:45 match saw new to the league team Ashby Tornados play their debut game against Bosworth Thorns. The first 15 minutes was a really well matched quarter, both sides testing out the other to see the best way through to goal, seeing if there were any chinks in either sides defence to get these goals scored. It was pretty level playing between both sides finishing on a score of 9-6 to Ashby Tornados.

Ashby, spurred on by the initial head start really got in to their stride and began to further the distance between the two goal scores. Ashby’s centre court worked hard to turn around Bosworths’s centre passes getting the ball down to their  attackers who fell in to step and really began to gel as a formidable  force working their way down the court to goal, finishing half time on a score of 27-9.

Quarter three, the thorns had a change around on court to see if they could better their chances of breaking through Tornados’ strong defence whilst still trying unwaveringly  to stop Tornados strong attack getting those balls in to the circle ending in a goal, however the Ashby side held their own and kept on their own game, feeding the ball down to the shooters, who were on top form it must be said. The third quarter ended on a lead to Ashby at 41-13.

The undeterred Thorns did not give up hope of still bringing it back and with another change of the attackers in the shooting circle and a change in Ashby’s defence the dymanics changed for the thorns side. The Tornados attack carried on getting their goals through their hoop whilst at the other end of the court the Bosworth attack stepped it up and were really playing it in and out of the circle getting to a better position for a goal to hit its mark doubling their average goal scored from the previous 3 quarters.

However if wasn’t enough for the Bosworth Thorns  to pull it back from the Ashby Tornados who were the overall winners with an end score of 53 – 22.

The MVPS for this we fought match were Sally Frazer for Thorns and Kim Turner for Tornados.

(Thank you to all those that provided match reports.  Keep up the good work. x)