Match Reports – Week 8 – 27.10.19

More exciting matches continued to happen this week

Bosworth Thorns vs Hornettes Gold
A really friendly & enjoyable game between Thorns and Hornettes today. Hornettes were justa level above Thorns today, clinical with their shooting and defence clearing out any loose balls. Lovely atmosphere and lots of laughs as for at least two quarters neither team could see to catch the ball due to light pouring in through the windows… all smiles and good play from both sides 🙂

Hornettes Gold vs Bosworth Thorns

The 1 pm game saw Hornettes Gold meet Bosworth Thorns. In what was a lovely game Hornettes nudged ahead winning both Q1 & Q2 but it was a tight match and halftime saw the score at 23 – 18 in Hornettes favour. Such is the flexibility within the Hornettes squad that they have the luxury of being able to slot players into various positions seamlessly and they came out strongly in Q3, pulling away from Thorns to give themselves a 17 goal buffer going into the last quarter. Full credit to Bosworth Thorns who played with great spirit nailing some fantastic long shots and kept playing hard to the final whistle. Final score 58-33 to Hornettes with Lucy Marsden at WD getting the well deserved nod for POM for her endless hard work in defence & attack.

Ashby Fire vs Ashby Ice
Fire played Ice today. What a great game. Ice started really strong which I think gave Fire a kick up the ass to finally pull away in the first quarter. There was plenty of end to end action with mistakes being made on both sides. The final score was 63-26 to fire. A great game to play and Ice battled the whole way to the end. Well done to both teams. Well done to Mairi Parsons on MVP for Fire and to Rosie Moulds for Ice. Both GD. Both having very strong games. Thank you to those that watched and as always massive thank you to Philippa McQuilton for scoring and being the voice of reason.

Bosworth Roses Vs Measham Mermaids
Both teams started today’s game positively with strong shooting at both ends which continued throughout the game. The game was played at a steady place with strong, accurate balls into both teams shooting circles.
Both teams defended well but the Roses attack managed to gain a bit more space, especially in the final quarter which was reflected in the final score line.
Every ball was fought for fairly and it was a nice, friendly game.