Match Reports – Week 13 – 1.12.19

December has fast approached us and we have a mix of league and cup games coming up this monthGracedieu Pearls vs Bosworth Roses
Pearl’s met Bosworth Roses today. Pearls had some great interceptions throughout, but Rose’s had the stronger team and kept the lead. A late injury took them to 6 for a short period, but unfortunately the lead was already there. A really great friendly game.

Swadlincote Starlings vs. Donington Diamonds 
After the injury strewn match last week Swadlincote managed to get 7 players together. The play was strong on both sides with great interceptions and had Vickie Dalby feeding the ball into the circle for Rebecca and Claire. Donington were a strong side but Swadlincote held them well and very nearly took the lead on a number of occasions, but the strong shooting of Diamonds meant Swadlincote couldn’t quite catch them. Great match and great sportsmanship from both teams.

Whitwick Flame vs Melbourne
A close game today for Whitwick Flame with Melbourne securing a win with a final score of 43-37.
Flame put up a good fight especially in the last quarter where they showed some great attacking in the D.
Thanks to Laura Flowers, Keely Bridgeman and Jo Griffifths who all stepped up giving us a strong team.
Everyone showed great sportsmanship throughout, making it a very enjoyable match for all.
Well done to Laura Flowers for a well deserved MVP! Thanks to the umpires and scorers for their support.

Bosworth Roses vs Gracedieu Pearls
It was a tough first half and in full roses style it took us a good five minutes to settle into the game and the score reflected this as there was not much in it after the first quarter. But roses were strong today and our defence were putting the pressure on Pearls attack despite some really good shooting. Final score 42-15 to Roses.