Match Reports – Week 15 – 15.12.19

It’s happened, the last Sunday of games before our Christmas break. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all back on court on 5th January 2020.Melbourne vs Gracedieu Pearls
Melbourne faced a tough match in the cup today against Gracedieu Pearls, the division above.
Melbourne started strong, taking an early lead with strong shooting and a solid defence. Changes made by Gracedieu in the fourth quarter (bringing on Abi their star shooter) meant the defence had to up their game but Affinity held out to safely win the match. Special to Sarah Cooper for MVP.

Whitwick Flame vs Bosworth Roses
Our Sunday morning game was a cup match against Bosworth Roses… did they prove to be a Thorn in Flames side? Yes, sometimes they may have been but the Flames fought back with a solid defence which improved quarter by quarter and helped achieve an amazing 29-29 draw.
As this was a cup game, the Roses were in the division above us, but we didn’t let that shake our defence and attack and fight hard for every ball and every goal. We tried hard to put into practice our skills from training which helped hugely in achieving the draw. A very well awarded MVP to Laura Flowers and the whole team worked together to achieve an superb result against a really good team.

Bosworth Roses v Whitwick Flame
A very close game, with the score of 29-29 on this occasion reflecting the efforts on both teams. Some great netball across the court, excellent shooting and defence on fire.

Swadlincote Swifts vs Ashby Fire
The last group game, and with both teams yet to lose this game was going to decide the group standings. Swifts had a strong start, capitalising on defensive turnovers as well as scoring on their centre passes. However, swifts could not become complacent, and with Ashby mixing up the defence and attack frequently, swifts had to stay on the ball (no pun intended). It was a tough, well fought match but swifts were victorious with a score of 46-33! Well done to both GOG Nikki English (Swifts) and Marie Kelleher (Fire).