Match Reports – Week 16 – 5.1.2020

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back after the Christmas break. Our first matches of the new year kicked off today at both of the venues and saw lots of fabulous game play

Ashby Fire vs Coalville
Ashby fire played Coalville jets today. Ashby took the lead in the first quarter playing hard and dominating. But Coalville pulled it back in the second winning the quarter. Not happy about this and unchanged from the starting line up Ashby reworked the play and pulled back to win the final two quarters. All players getting stuck in and working the ball down the court well. Through a strong centre in Louise Manning. The final score was 66-35 to Ashby. MVP was Marie Kelleher.

Bosworth Thorns v Whitwick Flames
A well fought game between Thorns and Flames ended up with Thorns taking the victory today. Thorns took the lead in the first quarter and held on to take the remaining three although it certainly wasn’t one way traffic! Some brilliant switches in defence from Whitwick and top shooting meant everyone was on their toes for the full 60 mins (which felt like at least 90 considering it was the first game after Christmas!!) A very friendly and enjoyable game to start 2020 🙂
Bosworth Roses Vs Measham Tridents
A really close game with lots of good centre court play across both teams. Tridents took the lead early but Roses pulled it back in the 3rd quarter and went onto win.
Defensive play was strong for both teams as was the shooting and movement in the circle.
All players put in 100 percent and will feel it tomorrow after the Christmas break!

Donington Diamonds vs Swadlincote Starlings 
An early morning match straight off the Christmas break was always going to be a test of fitness. If the first 5 minutes proved anything it was also going to be a struggle to maintain normal netball standards, with no goals scored and numerous footwork and obstruction offences! However, once we got going, goals were more frequent and there was impressive defending from both teams resulting in a high number of held balls. A substitution in the final quarter gave us the much needed energy boost. Well done to Emily Cooper for her player of the match and all who played today. It was a tough but strong return to the netball season.

Swadlincote Starlings Vs Donington Diamonds
Starlings entered court in fine spirits, feeling the Christmas spirit still! This is the 3rd time the 2 teams have played against each other this season, and both previous times Swad have come out 7 under. Both teams started strongly and Swad turned the first centre pass, however Donington’s strength soon showed and they crept into the lead. Donington made some great intercepts forcing Swadlincote to keep low and short passes. Swadlincote adapting their game play well. Michelle Allton as WD made great plays and supported the mid court well. The scoreline does not reflect the quality of the match or how close the play actually felt.