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Mixing Business with Pleasure!

The background and why netball!
A few years ago, I had realised that my business was taking off, I’d had one of my children, I was very happy at home but I was missing something. Having moved away from my hometown when I was younger and the village we now live in being rather quiet, I didn’t have many people to spend my spare time with, not that there was much of it! I decided I wanted to get my fitness back and looked into different ways to achieve this. Continue reading “Mixing Business with Pleasure!”

I Love Netball

If you are a bona fide netball nerd like me, you want everyone to know just how great a sport netball is, and get incensed when you hear people make derisory comments about it being “a little girl’s game” “can’t move with the ball” “non contact” etc. Technically, these comments carry some truth but dismissing a game when you have only seen it played at school is like comparing touch rugby played by 7 year olds to watching the All Blacks clash with the Wallabies – yes, it’s the same sport but it’s now played by grown ups!!!! Continue reading “I Love Netball”