Match Reports – Week 11 – 17.11.19

An exciting round of cup games carried on this weekend

Melbourne vs Bosworth Roses
Another hard cup match for Melbourne, a steady start by both teams but Bosworth inched ahead. Some strong game play saw Bosworth get the win but Melbourne fought hard and fought back in the last 1/4 with some great long hard passes into the D. Great team work from all and super play by MVP Suzie Jacobs.

Bosworth Roses v Melbourne. This was a cup tie which was a lovely match to play in, friendly but competitive.. Roses were the winners in the end. Winning the 1st 3 quarters with Melbourne getting the last quarter.

Swadlincote Swifts vs Gracedieu Pearl. 
The penultimate group game for Swifts vs Gracedieu Pearls. It was a strong start for Swifts, with some amazing defensive turnovers that Swifts capitalised on. Defence was strong the whole game and it was great to have Emma Deloughery back after being sidelined with an injury. Helen Rollo and Sarah Ashley proved, as always, to be the stability in defence having Rebecca Randell and Emily Brockwell as GK for two quarters.
Also, a great game to welcome Hannah Wale to the team who was a strong force in attack, combining with Dani Taylor and Rach Bailey, resulting in some great shots from Emily Brockwell. A final score of 65-11 to Swifts. Congratulations to Emily Brockwell and Alexa Gregory (from Pearls) on GOG